There are many positions that keep Studio 76 running smooth.
Here are the details for each position we are looking to fill
You can apply by filling out the form below.
Applications are due by 5 pm FRIDAY March 17th, 2017.
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Executive Producer: the Executive Producer will manage a team of producers. They are a people person. They lead out in organization and morale. They are responsible for the overall direction of our production efforts. They area involved in the selecting of staff.  The EP is the grease to see that the parts all work together.

Studio Manager: the Studio Manager will organize the CatCave & the Studio. They are in charge of the checkout system for ALL gear and scheduling the studios for all shoots. The Studio Mgr. maintains a list of items to be purchased/repaired and replaced.

WildcatONE Program Director: The Program Director manages WildcatONE, our internal IP-TV Station, they make the daily schedule of videos airing on the Station. They manage the timing and release of field pieces, studio produced pieces, and Campus video submissions.

Senior Producer: These Producers head up their own show that will be agreed on by executive staff. Some ideas: a morning show, bi-weekly web-isode, public affairs show, music show, etc. This person should solicit help from the entire staff, but is responsible for their show. They are expected to produce 7 episodes a semester.

Marketing Director: the Marketing Director will be responsible for spreading the Studio76 and WildcatONE brands through events, posters, and more.  They will seek out opportunities for Studio 76, both on campus and in the community. They are responsible for reaching out to all of the Departments and Organizations on Campus and fostering relationships with them to encourage them to submit content for WildcatONE. These might be produced pieces, or long form lectures, or guest lectures. Things that have a campus wide appeal. They will work closely with the WildcatONE Program Director.

Live Event Director:  The Live Event Director is in charge of our live streamed events, mainly Volleyball and Soccer in the Fall semester and Softball in Spring semester. This position is technically heavy. If you love SDI cables and live production adrenaline, this is a great position.

Online Director/Community Manager: This position is responsible for sharing all the good work we do. Whatever we make, gets tweeted, insta-ed and Fb-ed by this person. If it’s tied to us and it’s online, it is in their hands.

Twitch Team Coordinator: This is an experimental position. We want to expand our Twitch production and unite a team around engaging gaming and high-end production. This person will manage the podcast studio usage and logistics for the Twitch team.

Other: Did we miss something? Do you think you have a talent/skill that we need on our team? We’re not talking about a resident juggler of bananas here; Is there something you do well that we need on our team?

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