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  • Students and teacher part of a film crew for the hottest new feature film.
  • Student run television station and production courses are the best kept secret on campus.

Cos-players weren’t the only ones busy last weekend Weber State Faculty member Drew Tyler and his students worked Overtime getting the perfect shots for a feature film at the con.

While many were putting the final touches on their costumes for the Comic Convention, production for Che Comic Con Movie was just getting started.

“Two weeks before the show it was like alright let’s start casting, let’s put all the pieces together, everybody throw your money in the pot let’s go,” recalls Tyler, who co-produced the film.

Several Weber State students were also part of the crew as production assistants. Joshua LeVitre, a senior, was able to get a little more hands on experience as the films lead audio technician.

“I did their audio and got some internship credit for it.”

Student’s worked hard, and working on a feature film is no joke.

“Boy, did they get it in the face,” recalls Tyler.

Overall it was an enriching experience for all.

“It was kind of fun to see people I’ve worked with over the years in a Weber State capacity working on this film together,” adds the Weber Faculty member.

Tyler is also the advisor and the instructor for the Digital Media Program at Weber State University. “We have provided all the things that you need in Digital media. And we teach all of those classes that teach that skill for storytelling, for production, for distribution, they are all here. It is the best kept secret.”


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