– Food Trucks are coming to campus in the near future.
– Students can participate in a survey to pick their top three trucks.

For students at Weber State, there are many options when it comes to food; vending machines, a quick zone store, dining in the wildcat room, and various restaurants that serve Italian, American, and even Chinese food. But students have recently shown interest in another method of getting a meal on campus.

Students’ interest in food trucks is so high that Weber State is already negotiating with the company that provides its dining services, Sodexo. The project is being lead by Student Body President, Cash Knight.

Knight says, “the original interest came from students, and mostly our student senate, so our student senate approached Sodexo and has been meeting to work out terms and conditions.”

Weber State is also currently conducting a survey to see which food trucks students would like. Over 1,000 students have already participated in the survey that can be accessed through the Student Senate’s page on WeberSync under the polls tab. From there, students can vote for their top food trucks, or provide input of their own in the comments section.

Knight says the senate will use the survey to help narrow down their options. “We picked some of the most popular options, and that’s what’s on the survey. So we’re trying to limit it down to the top-three and it’s those top-three that our senate will continue its discussions with.”

Once the top three food trucks are selected, Weber State will pitch the idea to the companies, discuss requirements set by Sodexo and negotiate profit shares. Weber State is looking forward to proposing the idea to some of the area’s top food truck services.

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