What better way to kick off the semester than to make sure you have all your supplies? Watch this video to see if you’ve gotten everything off the checklist.




Cast and Crew:

Tyler Kelbert – Group Lead; Writer/Director/Edit

Mitch Lawson – Voice Over / “Friend”

Mason White – Shopper / Editing

Christyna Cummings – Camera/Asst. Director/Edit


We had a lot of fun with a dash of stress producing this short piece. For myself especially, I learned just how important it is to “shoot like an editor” when we are filming. (A concept I had learned last semester in my essentials class). When we began filming at our location, the bookstore had one condition for us; don’t film any price tags. For the majority of the shoot we were able to avoid the price tags, however towards the end of the shoot when we were in a hurry to wrap up, we did not pay attention to the price tags and caught some on camera. This gave me a lot of grief in post. I had to learn how to censor the prices by using keyframe, and I had to do that frame by frame, which is not a walk in the park. Once I learned how to  keyframe correctly, editing a 10 second scene took me about an hour/hour and a half. Had I paid attention when I was filming, we would have saved a lot of time.

In post production we also played around with the audio, finding and using fitting NAT pops and getting rid of unnecessary background noise. The audio definitely enhanced this piece.


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