In this music video, a young man follows is instincts when he realizes that something isn’t quite right.  Interrupting what looks to be like a promising day, he unexplainably has a run in with an alternate reality, and himself.  What looks like one person is actually two different lives in this little story that was brought to life through the eyes of Studio 76’s Nick Chase.  As a group we were eager to take his idea and make it a full production.  Along with Nick we had Meghan Monticello, Adam Disterhaft, Dustin Howell and Logan Malan working together on this project.

It was a smooth shoot that we had mostly due to the fact of the hands on deck and Nick having the idea storyboarded so well.  After finally getting our schedules to line up, we were able to get a day to work together and we had to fight against the clock as our outdoor shoots were up against the sun going down.  As we learn and do more productions over the months and years, those storyboards are fantastic to have done.  Enjoy.

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