The Wednesday People is a local band from Ogden, Utah. They have been playing together for a few years now and are about to release their 1st studio album. This mini documentary was filmed to highlight and promote The Wednesday people and their upcoming album.

When we first got together as a group we were indecisive on what sort of documentary we wanted to do. We came to a group decision to highlight a local band in connection to the Beehive Band-off, a state wide battle of the bands competition. One of our group members, who also works for KWCR (college radio) had a colleague who knew the band mentioned above. From there we established contact and started making plans.

The first thing we had to do was have a production meeting. That was probably the most difficult portion of the project. We had to gather an idea of the sort of mood we wanted to portray in the documentary as well as the story we wanted to tell. However before any of that was decided, we really had to get to know who the band was and there members. So, we researched some of their material on Spotify and YouTube. Then we called the lead guitar/vocalist of the band (KJ) . It might have not been the smartest that we called him unexpectedly, for we caught him hiking in the Uintas. However, that also helped give us the inspiration to se the “mood” as “natural” as possible.

The day of the shoot went smoothly, for the most part. We shot in the backyard of one of the member’s houses, which was coincidently used as their practice space. The most troublesome part by far had to be lighting for we had to change location for the interview several times. The backyard was fairly covered with trees, but there were several spaces in between where the sun would come shining through the leaves. Not only did that create unwanted highlights on certain members and shadows on others, but the sun also kept moving what seemed like every minute.

The opportunity we had that day, getting to know the band was a nice experience for us. Several of our members even fell in love with their music, and are probably going to begin a personal following of the band, The Wednesday People.

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