This is our groups video for the first Studio 76 assignment. We had the category of promotional video and decided to promote our very own Studio 76 workplace. The workplace has been in construction for many months and now we are finally able to show it off. The rooms that are showcased in this video are the Podcast Studio, the Cat Cave, the War Room, and the main Studio room. We thought this would be a great thing to show the community since it’s brand new and has limited access.

For the most part you will see the basic layout of rooms by a simple slow pan across each room. You may notice that some rooms (the podcast studio especially) seem empty like the equipment isn’t set up and that is simply because the equipment isn’t set up. We shot this so early in the move in process that we found it difficult to film much equipment. I personally think it would be cool if we could do another showcase video on the studio when it is 100% set up. Anyway, we hope you enjoy our video and enjoy the lovely workspace that is the new Studio 76. Thank you!

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