This is the first video of hopefully many in the series, Beyond Monopoly.  I hope to use the show to educate people about indie board games, which in my opinion are almost always more fun and interesting than the usual board game staples such as Monopoly, Life, or Sorry.  Playing alternative board games / tabletop games has been a hobby of mine for a few years, and I want to share my love for them.  I started with one of the more approachable games in my library, Escape the Curse of the Temple.  It was difficult making this video because I have not yet decided on an exact format I want these episodes to follow.  I plan on experimenting with the next few episodes to see which works the best.

Like always, production didn’t go perfectly.  I had to do a complete re-shoot of all of the dialogue because I wasn’t happy with the original footage.  The shot was boring, and the location was too loud and made for poor audio quality.  I also noticed that some of the footage of the game materials are out of focus.  This was partially due to the stress of being in a hurry; the location I shot that footage at was only allowing me a couple hours to film everything.  I’m planning on using another location for the next video where I can take my time.  Another thing that may be an issue down the road is my performance on video.  This video is a true representation of me trying to sound enthusiastic.  I truly am enthusiastic about gaming, but my voice is naturally deep and slow, without much change in pitch.  I’m going to continue to practice so that I can captivate viewers by sounding excited.

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