Every guy dreams about being in an action film!  Needless to say the team of Micah, Dallas, Daniel and Logan got together to put together a little something that has all the classic ingredients to a sweet action short film.  The script was written by Micah Van Sickle, Dallas Terry did the camera work and Logan and Daniel both got beat up on screen!

We would all want you to deeply enjoy the boss fight in the end as much as we did.  There is one shot that just connects all the right moves together and we are so proud.  The difficult part was the editing phase thats for sure.  There are soo many cuts and a lot of sound effects added and just regular sounds modified.  In short, join Mark and Tom as they work together to stop a bomb threat and enjoy a light hearted experience.  It’s a good balance of toughness and funny.  Thanks for watching and taking the time to read the post!

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