This time on Beyond Monopoly, we take a look at another cooperative game:  Pandemic.

Things are going along well for Beyond Monopoly!  Three episodes in and I’m really starting to get the hang of making these and sticking to a good formula.  I discovered Pandemic about 2 years ago and it’s been a game night staple for my friends and me.  I have an alternate version of Pandemic called Pandemic Legacy, but it’s a lot more complicated so I decided to make the video about the original Pandemic alone.  I hope that as Studio 76 subscribers start noticing the regular Beyond Monopoly posts and begin watching them.  I know that sometimes people won’t watch until they notice it’s a regular thing.

This episode was more difficult to make than my previous Ticket to Ride episode.  I had an extremely busy and crazy couple weeks, and was forced to shoot and edit this video in two days.  Luckily I had written the script a week in advance.  As a result of the rushed product, there are some continuity errors in the video (but I bet you can’t find them), and the ending of my video doesn’t really make any sense.  I had a completely inaccurate estimation of how long the video would be, and I apologized for the “short episode” when the video actually ended up being kind of long.  I threw some correction text in there so that my audience could know I recognized the mistake.

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