This time on Reel it In, we talk about the 2013 film, Prisoners! Dallas and Sarah give a spoiler-free review and then further analyze the nuances of the film.  

This is the first episode of the new series, Reel it In.  My name is Dallas and I do the show with my wife, Sarah.  I have a deep love for film, and I figure it’s what I’m most qualified to make videos about!  This being the first episode, there are several things that I’ve learned I need to work on for future episodes.  First is the length.  This is our second and much shorter take of the episode.  Our first take went a good 30 minutes, and I knew it had to be shorter than that.  I was shooting for less than 10 minutes after adding all the additional clips to the video, and still ended up with 14 minutes.  I don’t want to script these videos because I think it’s better to have a natural conversation.  We already came up with bullet points of what to talk about, but I guess we need fewer.

I knew going into this that audio would be the biggest hassle when producing this.  The wireless microphones we used must be very cheap, old, or both.  Even after manually adjusting the mic levels, turning off the air conditioning, and turning off all electronics (including the fridge) in the house, there is still a lot of noise.  To add to the problem, the microphones keep cutting out during recording.  I’m still searching for a solution to the bad audio.

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