I’ve always been impressed, and a little jealous, of the voice of Apple’s Chief Designer, Sir Jonathon Ive.  When Apple does their special events and shares video to introduce their new products, Jony Ive’s voice is the one that so intricately describes Apple’s latest innovations.  His voice always seems too good to be true as it has that British accent in it but it’s low enough in pitch to be more manly.  As you can tell, I’ve put some thought into analyzing his voice.

To me it would seem that he could make anything sound amazing and interesting.  No matter how boring or simple the object he talks about, it will come off as brilliant.  That’s just how I’ve come to see it.  So what would be better than having his voice talk about something as mundane as the doors of a building up at Weber State University.  If you look him up on YouTube you’ll be able to hear him and I know you will recognize him.  Enjoy.


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