Here at Weber State University, we have a parking problem. It’s no secret that if you come to school after 8:00 in the morning, you won’t find anywhere to put your car. So many of the students circle around the parking lot looking for open spots. If they see anybody walking to their car, they will stalk them like a bird of prey, just waiting for them to get in their car and leave. Cars will follow you around a whole parking lot, and if they’re feeling particularly impatient, they will honk at you.

This video is inspired by an experience I had my Sophomore year of college. I had just gotten out of class, it was a cold fall day, and I was super sick. I walked around the parking lot for a half an hour trying to find my car! I was so lost, and my disease addled brain convinced me that my 1999 Chrysler had clearly been stolen. So I wandered around with tears in my eyes, and had at least 5 cars following me! I eventually found my car, and one of the “parking vultures” quickly took my spot. Thankfully I haven’t had anything like that happen to me since.

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