With Halloween near,  people need ideas for party treats. This is one is so simple yet so cute! Watch Amanda as she shows us how to make Owl Cupcakes. All you need is a box of cake mix, reeses pieces, and oreos! You may also want to grab a tub of marshmallows or peanut butter to use as glue to hold the eyes together!

Overall it was a very fun project to do, did not quite turn out the way I was imagining in my head. I had planned on doing 3 different treats, fast forwarding some of the process during the edit, get more angles etc etc… However it was my first time shooting a cooking show and  I’ve  learned that with a cooking show, it is definitely better to have more than one camera just so you can capture everything live, and then edit from the different cameras. The more and more you ask for the host to stop, ok repeat this so I can get a clean in and out, the show looses its natural feel and becomes more staged.

One major thing I had trouble with was lighting. I used a lamp, iPad flashlight, iPhone light, and turned on every single light in the kitchen, but it the untouched product still came out looking rough. My lighting problems could be related to the fact I had relied on my 12 year old brother to help…. and he doesn’t understand the concept of good lighting, and I am still learning about lighting.


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