Under the direction of the talented Tyler Kelbert, both as a director and a test taker, we wanted to help all students prepare for the upcoming finals.  A lot of people will try to give you advice that would seem to be outside the box, when in reality it just stretches itself so thin that the advice is useless.  What Tyler has learned, and demonstrates year in and year out, is that the basic habits of good daily choices help give you the testing results you deserve.

What we see in the video above is Logan demonstrating simple techniques that might seem unnoticeable to the untrained eye.  The tips slip in almost under the radar, for example going to talk to your professor early before the finals.  Then sleeping well rather than partying early because a semester is about to end.  And watch Tyler try to sneak in Lays Potato chips and snickers bars for food to keep him awake so he can study.

One of our proudest moments is the plug for movies.weber.edu though.  Everyone needs to watch movies on that website.

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