WSU President Charles A. Wight, Senator and former WSU President Millner and former Provost Mike Vaughn discuss the pros and cons of paying college tuition.

OGDEN, Utah—Attending college without paying tuition is any student’s dream. But not paying tuition has problems of its own.

Students from the Walker Institute invited WSU President Wight, Utah Senator and former WSU President Ann Millner and former Provost Mike Vaughn to talk about whether or not to pay for college tuition. The three speakers focused on problems with free college initiatives.

Europe’s system was one example. Standardized tests prevent many Europeans from even going to college. The panel said this idea won’t work in the U.S. because we value opportunity and upward mobility. 

“Everybody deserves a chance to prove themselves and go to college,” President Wight said.

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Standard Examiner’s Executive Editor Greg Halling moderated the event. One question he asked was “Where do we go next?”

After a long pause, the panelists started coming up with responses.

Senator Millner offered some of her ideas for the future: “I think we have to think about this as shared responsibility and how do we begin to create models and incentives that support that.”

After the panel was over, Director of the Walker Institute Carol McNamara gave her opinion on how today’s students can pay for college.

I understand why students are debt averse, and I respect that,” McNamara said. “But I also think they have they have to be willing to take some risk and to make investments in themselves for the future.

The full video of the discussion will be available on the Walker Institute website at

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