Weber held an inauguration ceremony for WSUSA leaders in the Wildcat Theater on April 15. 

It was a short ceremony, but it was not short on passion. 


OGDEN, Utah—As this school year draws to a close, Weber looks toward the future. The new WSUSA leaders were inaugurated into office on April 15.

“Friends, students, Wildcats: Lend me your ears one last time,” Knight said.

Weber Student Body President Cash Knight kicked off the inauguration ceremony with some humor and humility. Our fearless leader said it was hard from him to say goodbye but that he is proud of his team.

“I think I’ve given everything I can to it,” Knight said. “And so it feels pretty good to be leaving knowing I’ve done everything I could for the organization and the university.”

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Faculty, friends and family members congregated in the Wildcat Theater to support the 2016-17 WSUSA senate and vice president leaders.

New Leadership Vice President Landon Bickley had his mom and girlfriend at the ceremony to support him.

“I’m the mom, and he’s a good man for the job,” Bickley’s mother said of her son.

Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Jan Winniford said that she is excited for the new team. 

“They have a passion for helping Weber State be the best university it can be,” Winniford said.

Even though the ceremony only lasted for 15 minutes, this year’s WSUSA leaders said that their legacy will be sure to continue on through next year. 

As we say goodbye to this year’s WSUSA team, next year’s team is already getting to work. The leadership vice president has already held a meeting to get going on next year’s projects.

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