This time on Beyond Monopoly, we take a look at the different versions of Ticket to Ride that I’ve collected throughout the years since the original was released. Namely: Europe, Märklin, Nordic Countries, and the Card Game.

I feel that this video is an improvement over the last episode of beyond monopoly.  I used a zoom lens instead of a prime so I could get a wider variety of shots.  I’m a little worried that too many people will already be familiar with Ticket to Ride, but hopefully by showcasing other entries in the series I can grab some people’s attention.  I tried being more energetic this time around; I feel like it worked because this video seems to be better paced than the last one.  It’s 50% longer than the last one, but it feels shorter.  I had an easier time making this video since I had already done an episode before.

A big problem that I ran into with creating the video is that the HDMI port on my computer broke, meaning that I couldn’t hook it up to my HD monitor to edit.  I had to invest in an HDMI to VGA adapter in order to use my monitor again, but the VGA signal isn’t as clear as the HDMI.  This made color correcting very difficult.  I had to render the video several times in order for me to view the video on a separate device.  After repeated renderings, I was able to get the color to a place I was comfortable with.  I’m still working on getting that HDMI port fixed!

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