Tokyo Vampires and Wolves is a song by the British indie rock band The Wombats. The song itself doesn’t have anything to do with monsters, but it’s about rebelling and letting go of the status quo. I wanted to capture that feeling but also add in the creepy creatures for Halloween!

The suitcase in the video is actually a suitcase that has been retrofitted to be a guitar amp. I decided to use this since I thought it would match the rock feel of the video, while still being the suitcase that the main character carries around. The suitcase is a pretty obvious metaphor for baggage. It starts with her carrying it around a city street, and when she does go into the bar, she doesn’t stay for long. I wanted this to come across as she’s trying t o make a change in her life, but it’s one that is difficult and may not be the best. This is represented when she’s back out on the street and gets distracted by a warm neck. Eventually the vampire realizes that this isn’t what she wants and leaves it all behind and goes back to the things she loves.

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