• College Radio Day is a chance for college stations to get the word out about what they do.
  • KWCR has been around for 50 years, and recently decided to switch to all digital streaming.

To celebrate the fifth annual College Radio Day, Weber State’s student-run radio station KWCR took over Grounds for Coffee and local bar Alleged on Historic 25th Street the weekend of October 3.

According to the station’s general manager, Andrew Leon, College Radio Day gives the station a chance to give a sampling of the programming they offer.

This year was big for KWCR because the station hasn’t had events in their name outside of campus. The weekend was also important for the station because KWCR is Ogden’s only radio station.

“We’re Ogden’s only radio station, so we should be getting out into the community,” said Michaela Funtanilla, the station’s music director.

Ogden is a flourishing place for local music, but earlier this summer when the all-ages music venue Mojos closed, there became an emptiness in the community.

According to Leon, the station is wanting to fill that void and become the new place for local music fans to find new tunes.

“This is sort of a launching for us,” he said.

This year marked the 50 year anniversary of the radio station, and with that they made the switch to all digital, meaning their FM station won’t play music anymore.

“The whole trend of the music industry has been digital so we didn’t want to be left behind,” Leon said.

With the launching of My Weber Media Group, KWCR will have their music streaming on the site as well as podcasts in the future.

Students can also download Weber State’s app, “The Buzz” and find KWCR music on there.

KWCR had a free open mic night at Grounds for Coffee on October 2, and a free concert at Alleged on October 3.

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