This documentary style film, Slack Life, is the first episode of the show Outdoor Obsessions.  It highlights Jake Booth (“Boofus”), Jake Burton, and Joe Burton as they talk about and show off their slack lining skills at Mount Ogden Park over a two day period of time.  On the first day of filming, by preparation was lagging.  We met at the park around 7 pm, so the daylight was already going away quick.  On top of dying sun, my camera battery was on it’s last breath as well.  “Uhhh, yeah let’s try again tomorrow morning!”  I said.  The next day was a nice sunny first of September day, I had a full battery, shots in mind, rad socks to work with and good company.  These guys were good in front of the camera too.  Thanks for all the cooperation!  Let’s keep slack lining in Ogden.

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