Two burglars with two different plans happen to rob the same house, on the same day!

For this video, we took the production roles that we were least familiar with to gain experience.  Dallas tried acting, Gleb tried editing, Jacob tried writing, and Uriel tried shooting.  Even though we tried doing things we weren’t familiar with, our group worked well together.  Everyone gave advice on their specialties to each other.  We all learned new things and had a great time making this video!

A challenge we came across in this video was the fact that we shot during the day, but the story was supposed to take place at night.  To combat this, we made the house as dark as possible and used some LED lights.  The shots of the main floor of the house we used a color temperature of 5400k with some soft boxes.  In the basement we took of the soft boxes and added a blue gel to the lights.  We bounced the light off of the ceiling to diffuse the quiet blue light.  It took a lot of work and time to get each shot properly lit.  We could have used some more powerful lights, but for what we had I think it looks pretty good!


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